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Like A Child

Well the more grow is the more I learn when you find out that i too can be childish. Sometimes i see myself ranting and raving on FB or twitter and afterward I look back and say: “Dude why did you do that”. Its at times like this when I realize that no-one is infallible. In other words no-one is above reproach.

We all should remember that.

“The first lady was not afraid to use the word love openly and often, in relation to working people of all classes, armed services families, immigrants, parents and especially to her husband and her children. And she was not afraid to show an emotional connection to her words in a performance that was as remarkable for its passion and sincerity as for its many quotable lines.”
Will Michelle Obama’s speech change history? - CNN.com

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Well here it is my final semester in Mandeville. even though i might not seem too excited on the outside i really am. its my final semester in mandeville after 8 long years on and of. I have changed my major; redone courses and even at one point migrated and returned. However after all that i still decided to come back and finished what i started. All together though it has been a great journey and yes most definitely a learning experience.

I have decided to writ this blog due to the fact that i need to write more as I have been writing quite a few scripts lately and have stumbled some what on the writing aspect of things.

So look out many more stuff this way comes.